How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom

If you are living alone in your house then obviously there is no need to clean the bathroom on regular basis but if you have a family of 5 then you need to clean your bathroom more often. All of the bathroom are not equal but there are many things bathrooms have in common. The more people use the bathroom the more house cleaning is required!


Follow few steps by House Cleaning Queen Anne to clean your bathroom.

  • Toilets should be cleaned on the regular basis and deep scrubbing should be done at least once a week.
  • During the house cleaning process make sure that you clean the sinks on regular basis.
  • Spray it with the antibacterial spray and wipe them in order to stop gunk buildup.
  • Make sure your drain is clear after checking it every week to prevent the soap scum.
  • During the house cleaning process, clean the walk in shower containing soapy residue after using it.
  • Also, you need to clean the tubs to avoid the buildup.
  • During the house cleaning, make sure that you clean your shower curtains after every two weeks depending on your usage.

Daily Maintenance is not same like Deep Cleaning:

To keep your bathrooms neat and clean on the regular basis by house cleaning is a great habit but it’s not enough, you still need to deep clean your bathroom on weekly or monthly basis to remove the germs and the stains. Deep cleaning means going one step further than regular house cleaning.

Here are some tips by which you can make your toilet sparkling clean again.

  • You can mop the bathroom tiles on the weekly basis in order to make sure your tiles stay clean but the grout in your shower, tub and bathroom floors need more attention.
  • Clean the area where you observe the grout and then you need to add 1 water and 1 vinegar mixture solution and fill the gaps. Use the sponge to get rid of the excess solution.

Dust is not just in your Living Room:

If you are living with a person who is suffering from the asthma then weekly dusting is very important. Even if you are not living with a sick person who might be suffering from different allergies the dusting needs to be done on regular basis. Dust can find way for itself to every corner of your house.  

Sinks in your Bathroom:

Most of us don’t bother to clean the bathroom sinks properly like we clean our toilets during the house cleaning. This will lead to lots of germs and bacteria buildup in your bathroom. If you don’t kill the germs on proper time they will spread it to different part of your house and you might even get sick.


➤Let’s face the reality as none of us have enough time to devote to our bathrooms for house cleaning. Thankfully, our services are available in House Cleaning Queen Anne, so, call your local experts!