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15 Minutes Fake Cleaning - House Cleaning Ballard

Sometimes you get a phone call from your relatives that they are 15 minutes away from your house. You might panic as you look around your house that it is in complete mess and you try to figure it out how you can avoid the embarrassment when your relatives arrive.


If you have got 15 minutes for the house cleaning process follow tips by House Cleaning Ballard for house organization.


  • During the house cleaning process the first thing you need to do is pick up all of the clutter.
  • Get a large basket or a bin and quickly walk through your living room, bedroom and the bathroom and put all of the clutter in the basket one by one.
  • If you have got an open floor plan then you need to go through all of the visible areas and do the same process.
  • You don’t have much time just put in the stuff in the basket and hide it in the closet until the guests leave.

Freshen up:

  • During the house cleaning process, if you have got scented candles in your house then light them up to spread the aroma in your entire living room in order to remove the bad odor or use the essential oils as well.

Arrange the Books/Magazines:

  • Put all of the magazines and your books on the coffee table or you can arrange them on your bookshelf to give a tidy look.

Fluff the pillows:

  • Arrange the pillows in your living room before your guests arrive by removing the imprints left by your little kids.


  • During the house cleaning process, make sure that you rush to your nearest bathroom and arrange all of the stuff in proper order and remove the excess clutter and put it in the bathroom drawer or your bathroom cabinets.
  • Put fresh new towels in your bathroom as well as put wipes or toilet paper.
  • Clean your bathroom mirror with the microfiber cloth and wash the toilet bowl in order to remove the bad odor coming out of it by using the bleach, dish soap.
  • Clean the lid properly and flush it before you leave.

Wipe the Bathroom Floor:

  • During the house cleaning process, use a mop to clean the entire bathroom floor to give it a fresh look and remove the hair.

Shake Out The Rugs:

  • During the house cleaning, make sure that you shake the bathroom rugs to remove the excess dirt and grime that is stuck between them.


  • During the house cleaning, toss all of your dishes in the dishwasher even if you want to wash them with your hands.
  • This will give a tidy look

Wipe the Counter and Appliances:

  • All your need to do is grab a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle and get busy wiping the countertops and your appliances by using homemade cleaner made up of vinegar and essential oils which will give a fresh look to your kitchen.

➤If you are busy with work and cannot do proper house organization then contact your local House Cleaning Ballard experts.