Bathroom Cleaning Tips - House Cleaning Ballard
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Bathroom Cleaning Tips - House Cleaning Ballard

Which house in your house does require the least house cleaning? Probably you would answer the bathroom but you are wrong. Ridding showers, bathtubs, toilet bowls of all sorts of buildup takes place like elbow grease.


Follow few steps of House Cleaning Ballard to clean the bathroom.

1. Remove All Items from Their Usual Spot

During the house cleaning process,

    • You need to remove all of the items from the bathroom that are not being used by you.
    • Which includes all products from the bathtub and the shower.
    • You need to toss the towels that are used by you as well as the rugs.
    • Move the items from the counters as well.   

2. Dust and Sweep

During the house cleaning process,

    • You can get rid of dust by using a long handle duster to remove the cobwebs in the corner of your house.
    • If you are unable to reach or remove the cobwebs then you can use the ladder to get up high.
    • When you are done with the house cleaning you can remove the hair and other debris from the floors.

3. Apply Cleaner to Shower or Bathtub

When house cleaning,

    • If there is a serious build up to your shower then you an use an acid based cleaner.
    • Don’t forget the shower door and the shower track as well. Leave it to soak.

4. Tackle Other Surfaces

During the house cleaning process,

    • You can spray the all-purpose cleaner on your cleaning device by using dry cloth or microfiber cloth, sponge and wipe down the windows, doors blinds and shelves.   

5. Clean the Vanity Area

When you are house cleaning,

    • You can use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the sink, faucets and the countertops.
    • After that you can wipe the sink with the dry cloth.
    • If there is build up then you can use the sponge to loosen it before you wipe it away.
    • You can use glass cleaner on the mirror.
    • Dry cloth dampened in the soapy water solution can remove the dust from the cabinets.

6. Mop the Floor

During house cleaning,

    • Put your mop into the soapy water solution in the bucket and squeeze the excess water.
    • After that you can clean the bathroom floor.
    • Once it’s cleaned you can put the trash can in the bathroom and the fresh rugs as well.


The above method can be used to clean the bathroom fast and efficiently. To keep it clean follow these things to do the latter:

  • Keep a vacuum in the bathroom to pick up the excess hair and the other debris that is fallen on the floor.
  • You can install a hair catcher in your drain in order to avoid the buildup. When the water doesn’t drain it leaves an ugly ring around your shower.
  • You should keep the small items in the baskets in order to avoid the clutter.

➤If you are unable to clean your bathroom contact your local House Cleaning Ballard experts for house cleaning.