4 hacks that are going to help you better and fast at cleaning

House cleaning is considered one of the most difficult tasks. You always move around the house when it comes to cleaning because there are all kinds of stains, from the smallest to the largest, and most people who pay attention to neglected areas in the deep cleaning session only. You should follow through after cleaning to ensure that the cleaning maintains over a long time period. House Cleaning Queen Anne has tricks so easy to apply to clean.

1. Cleaning the mirrors

During house cleaning, the most stained part of your home is the mirrors on the walls, they are the ones that suffer the most from water spray or fingerprints. So, if you don't clean the mirror on the wall, your house will look dirty even if you cleaned it. So, for this, you can opt for a professional mirror cleaner or you can opt for a do-it-yourself one. When house cleaning, another trick to clean the stains and marks of the mirror is with the help of shaving foam, apply it to the stains and then use a microfiber cloth to clean it and you will have a clean mirror in a short time.


2. Depilation for pets

During house cleaning, you must have found pet hair on the carpet and on the couch, almost everywhere. This is the fight that pet owners understand best, for the best results when removing pet hair from different surfaces, you can opt for a roller or rubber gloves, they collect the animal's hair very well and clean the surface of your sofa or rug as if there were no hair there in the first place.


3. Washing taps

During house cleaning, we open the taps with dirty hands and when it comes to closing the taps after washing our hands, we usually use our elbows to avoid touching the tap. In this case, you can go first to clean the tap first and then wash your hands. If you have greasy hands and need to wash them after opening the tap, also rub the tap and pour some water on the tap to clean it. Once the tap is clean, you can wash your hands, this will keep your hands clean and even the tap clean.


4. Dusty dilemma

During house cleaning, we leave many areas around the house when dusting and over time the dust accumulates in these areas. For this purpose, it is necessary to clean the corners of the house from time to time and when it comes to cleaning the curtains, you can use a clean stocking on your hands or a vacuum in this way, the curtain will be cleaned on both sides and it will not be necessary to clean it back again and again. 

If these housework cleaning hacks are not enough for you and you think that you need more options then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Queen Anne experts who will provide you more details. Be sure to book your appointment with House Cleaning Queen Anne.