Decorating tips for how to organize your home

People put in a lot of thoughts when it comes to decorating a house, it is one of the most exciting tasks. For this purpose then you get a reason to buy expensive looking decor pieces to think about the colour schemes. But you have never thought that if you have put in too much stuff it makes your house look cluttered.

House Cleaning Queen Anne has some tips on decorating that will make your house look organised rather than cluttered.

1.Get rid of some stuff

When house cleaning, when it comes to decorating your home you should first have a good look around in your house, at all the things that you have placed, the more things you have the easier it is that your home may look cluttered. Begin by decluttering your house take out the things kept in your cupboards for ages but not in use, also remove the decoration that you have from some time and switch it with new pieces instead. 

2.Group like items together

Sometimes we tend to place a few candles, vases, baskets here and there which makes your house look disorganised. Instead you can place all the like things in one place. During house cleaning you can display all the vases big or small in one place, then place all the candles in one place. This will make your house look more organised and give it a better look. 

3.Don't go overboard with books

When house cleaning, sometimes we go overboard with books in our homes which makes it look all disrupted instead of bringing it together. A jumbled bookshelf gives the impression of a messy household instead of making it look attractive. If you want to display all the books on the shelf then arrange them colour wise which will create an eye catching display and will give an artistic atmosphere to the room.

4.Free your furniture

When house cleaning, when organising the house you should have a good look before beginning, especially at the furniture you have placed around the house, mostly in the living room or sitting room. We have stuffed the sofa with pillows which makes it difficult for a person to sit comfortably, also we drape fabric on the sofa which is slippery that too gives your furniture a messy look. During house cleaning, you should keep it to a minimum even the pillows, so that your house doesn't give a messy look. 

5.Hide tangled cords

When house cleaning, the downside to having too many devices and technology around the house, can leave many tangled cords around the house, which makes your house look messy. Which are a pain when you are unplugging a device or moving it into another room. During house cleaning, you can't get rid of these wires until the world goes wireless, so instead you can invest in some fancy looking clips or cord organisers to give it a better look.


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