Letting go: 5 tips to get rid of sentimental clutter

There are certain things lying around the house which are not necessarily of any use to us and sometimes in totally messed up condition but we refuse to throw it away or to get rid of it just because we are so attached to it and even if we want to throw it out we are not able to do so and with time it keeps on building up and takes up the space that should be used for storing things that we need.

House Cleaning Queen Anne has some tips that can be brought into use to get rid of sentimental clutter.  

1. Let it go 

When house cleaning, as you begin the clean go through every pile of stuff that is available at your home, go through everything from top to bottom. Whenever you are going through things ask yourself do you require it, is it serving any purpose or is it bringing you any joy, if not then toss in the basket. There is no purpose of keeping things that are not even useful anymore, surely the time has passed on and even if you are giving away the things still the memories will remain. 

2. Set a time limit 

During house cleaning, there are things lying around the house that don’t really serve any purpose but still are in our pile like greeting cards and stuff. When you receive cards and flowers for the birthday, it all looks good for a while but after a few days the flowers start to wilt and start losing their petals you should toss them out at that time. When house cleaning, you should give the cards a limit of 2-3 weeks after that time toss them in the recycle basket and don’t look back, same is for decoration items too you should keep them for a season or two and then replace them with new items.

3. Get digital 

When house cleaning, since it the digital age you should invest in more things that work digitally rather than keeping piles and piles of things that you don’t even know how and what to do with them. During house cleaning, for instance instead of clicking pictures with a developer camera buy a digital camera, then you can save these pictures on your laptop and instead of sending cards and handwritten notes start sending them online this will save you money and will be available for a longer time. 

4. Make a memory box 

When house cleaning, it is not necessary that you let go off all your sentimental possessions especially the ones that are really dear to you like a family picture or a rock from a trip. During house cleaning, you can arrange for a memory box not larger than a shoe box and place all these things in that box.


If you are still looking for more tips then you can get in touch with House Cleaning Queen Anne experts who will guide you or just book an appointment with House Cleaning Queen Anne now.