Using homemade products for cleaning pipes - House Cleaning Queen Anne

We all have tried cleaning the pipes of our homes using commercial based products, they do give us with the results that we are looking for but can be very expensive on our pockets and if we perform deep cleaning on a weekly basis then we will be spending a lot of money then we estimate. Instead if we use products that are available in our house to clean the pipes it will be less expensive will be available with ease and also will be safe as it will not leave a chemical traces behind, which could be harmful for our health. House Cleaning Queen Anne has a number of tips that could be used in cleaning the pipes.

1.  Vinegar and soda

When house cleaning, vinegar and soda is one of the best cleaning partners. If we pair up vinegar and soda we can get anything cleaned up in no time. This method will prevent the chemical traces to be left behind and keep you healthy as well. During house cleaning for this method you require, ½ cup baking soda, 1 cup vinegar and boiling hot water. Pour in the baking soda in the toilet bowl followed by vinegar, this will create a chemical reaction, then place the lid down and wait for 10-15 minutes after that pour in a pot of hot water. This shall open your clogged pipe in no time. If you still face trouble then repeat this process once more.  

2.   Hot water

When house cleaning, hot water is another excellent way of opening clogged pipes. We all know that our dish soaps or shampoos or soaps contain some percentage of oils. When they continuously drain down the pipe, especially during the colder months the oils start to harden and clog the pipes. During house cleaning, these clogged pipes can be opened with a number of methods, but the most reliable and easy method is by pouring in a pot of boiling hot water down the drain. This will melt all the oils and give you a clean unclogged pipe in no time.  

3.  Plunger

When house cleaning, you can even use a plunger to unclog the pipe. It can remove whatever is stuck in the pipe and unclog it very easily. A plunger should be available at home at all times, so that whenever you have to unclog a pipe you can do it with ease. Sometimes other methods of unclogging the pipe also require the use of the plunger.  

4.   Boiling water and dish soap

When house cleaning, another useful method to unclog the pipe is by using the dish soap and boiling water. In this method you require ½ cup of dish soap pour it down the clogged pipe then let it sit for 15 minutes, this will soften whatever is stuck down the drain. During house cleaning then pour in scorching hot water carefully, this will release whatever is stuck down the drain and give you an unclogged drain in no time. 


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