What are the best grout cleaning tools? - House Cleaning Queen Anne

The gray-tinted grout can make even the most impeccable powder room look as pristine as if it had not been cleaned for ages. But when the cleaning error occurs and you're ready to tackle that gloomy-looking mortar, you'll need the right tools. House Cleaning Queen Anne have some tips and products that could help you with cleaning the grout, then there are these simple instructions as well for making the cleaning process easy for you.

Tools and Products:

1. Grout cleaning tools

When house cleaning, the most inexpensive tools can work well when it comes to cleaning the grout. Some are even available in your home too.

·   A grout cleaning brush: you can find them in almost all hardware stores.

·  An old toothbrush: it will work if you are determined to start, but you don't have a brush to clean the grout. You can speed up the process with an electric model.

·   A small chisel tool: these plastic hand tools can save you a lot of time and also your manicure. They are extremely cheap as well.

·  A vaporizer: vaporizers are probably the easiest way to remove the grout. All you need to do is spray and clean the debris with a microfiber cloth. Because this tool is the softest, it is a good option for tenants worried about the residual deposits.

Products for cleaning the grout:

Just like the tools the products that can be used to clean the grout are easily available commercially as well as homemade ones, it is best that we choose the homemade one’s as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Also can be made with the material available at home.

·   Vinegar and water: mix a part of vinegar with a part of water in a spray bottle and you will get a simple do-it-yourself detergent. This should not be used on stone walls, floors or tiles in the shower or bathroom.

·   Sodium bicarbonate and liquid detergent: increase the mortar with a paste prepared with 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of dish detergent. You can add more dish detergent if the pasta starts to dry.

·  Baking soda and water: skip the detergent and mix two parts of baking soda with water to make a paste. To apply on the grout, to treat it.

How to clean grout?

When house cleaning there are a number of ways that you could use to clean the grout. During house cleaning, the thing you should do is apply one of the DIY products that you made to clean the grout on the affected area. If it has vinegar then let it sit for 30 minutes but if it has baking soda then you can leave it on for 10-15 minutes. After that use one of the grout cleaning tools and scrub between the tiles. This will loosen up the grout. Once you see the grout being removed then wash with the tap water. 

For more tips call your local House Cleaning Queen Anne professionals.