House Cleaning West Seattle | The Correct Way to Clean LCD Screens

As most of the electronic items, televisions attract most of the dirt and children fingerprints all over the screen. It is very easy to clean your lcd screens. You just need few materials in order to clean it during the house cleaning. The television contains sensitive material and it needs to be cleaned with proper cleaners not with the chemical cleaners as it might damage it and lead you to a broken or blank screen.


Follow tips by House Cleaning West Seattle to clean the lcd screen tv and avoid the costly damage during the house cleaning process.


Turn Off The Television:

  • During house cleaning, turn off your television which not only helps you to see all dirt but it also helps the screen to cool down a bit.
  • If the tv screen is warm it will be a lot harder for you to clean and there are high chances that you might even damage it if you scrub it forcefully.

Read the Manufacturer’s Manual:

    • During the house cleaning go through the manufacturer’s manual as all tv screens have different cleaning techniques and there will be less chances that you damage your tv screen.
    • If you accidently damage your screen it means that you have voided your warranty as well.

Wipe it with the Dry Cloth:

    • During the house cleaning, gently wipe your tv screen with the dry cloth as it is the only universally agreed upon house cleaning method to clean your tv screen.
    • It will take care of the surface lint, it might not be able to completely remove the oil or dirt.

Caution: If you attempt to clean your tv screen with any pressure there are high chances that you might damage it and the crystals inside might misalign as well.


Use Damp Cloth:

    • Before using a damp cloth during the house cleaning make sure that your manufacturer manual does not prohibits it.
    • Wipe the screen with damp cloth carefully by using a lint free cloth.
    • Also, when you are using the water spray it on the dry cloth and then wipe your tv screen with it rather than spraying it on the tv screen and then cleaning it.
    • Like this you will have more control where the water is going and how much it is being used.
    • Use a second dry towel to clean the tv screen.

Add a Drop of Dish Soap:

In certain situations, like when your children throw food on the tv screen or use their hands on the tv screen or a child with a grimy hands touches the screen may need an extra house cleaning by using a little dish soap in one fourth cup of water and apply it on the cloth.

    • Wipe away the mess by using the wet soapy cloth.
    • After that dip the second cloth in the water to wipe away the soapy residue.
    • Lastly, use dry cloth to clean the tv screen.

➤If you are busy and want to clean your lcd screens but you are busy then contact your local House Cleaning West Seattle experts.